By Remote Sensing

One of the main challenges of monitoring and environmental management programs for hydroelectric projects is the need to acquire the most varied types of data, involving large areas, difficulty in accessing places of interest and high costs involved in obtaining them.

In this case you will be able to understand how CERTI is working in partnership with the companies Foz do Chapecó Energia SA and Energética Barra Grande SA (BAESA) in the development of a system based on remote sensing and cloud computing technologies for monitoring and managing the quality of the water in reservoirs.

The collection of data and images by remote sensing has increasingly allowed the monitoring of social and environmental aspects of interest to the hydroelectric generation sector, bringing several benefits in relation to conventional data collection.

Remote sensing image collection technology is already used in solutions for land monitoring and management in the vicinity where the venture takes place, monitoring of vegetation cover in Enviromental Protected Areas, inspections of areas with accumulation of floating macrophytes, among other applications.

Understand how a system for remote monitoring of water quality based on multispectral images was developed, using cloud computing and storage techniques, as well as a web interface for viewing and consulting the generated data.

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